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Fuse Life

Welcome to the FUSE Life Podcast where we interview people on all things KINGDOM. From deep spiritual realities to practical natural application we get real, raw and cover it all. FUSE LIFE is dedicated to teach you how you can walk in the abundant life Jesus promised for us all. We help people optimize their lives; spirit, soul, body & heart, towards the best version of themselves.

Joseph Wilson personal coach, motivational speaker & founder of FUSE LIFE is passionate about helping others find and engage their God given assignment and to find true fulfillment.


Jul 27, 2021

My guest has had an incredible 57 year musical journey - culminating in his present work with organic frequencies and vibrational sound therapy. Steve started playing music at age 10, and began to notice that people reported physical and emotional changes when listening to him play his guitar. Raised in a conservative,...

Jul 26, 2021

Gil & his wife Adena now help their growing global community discover true freedom from the shackles of religion & trauma so that the family of God can have the "Ultimate Impact" in the cosmos! He runs Kingdom Talks Media which is a platform for "next age" conversations, freedom-focused courses, & guided meditations. It...

Jul 15, 2021

Since a huge shift in 1997 David has seen over 2,500,000 baptisms
- Global network of 500,000 churches;
- Wrote an amazing book called
“Contagious Disciple Making”
Is 70 and still running hard training leaders all around the world on discipleship and Kingdom...

Jun 30, 2021

I Guest stared on Dr. Francesca Abii's Podcast - This video highlights how to discover God's purpose for your life. This episode will help Christians or anyone who wants to walk in God's purpose.


4 Simple steps to unlock your life's Purpose


Jun 24, 2021

I Guest stared on TruthSeekah's Podcast - Joseph Wilson is a radical, Jesus loving, Son of God whose mission in life is to mobilise people into their purpose. He is the Husband to beautiful Kirsten, Father to Adelle, Zayah & Nia, an Entrepreneur & a Coach to world changers. Joseph believes that the solution to all the...